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Rail Yard Listing

We are so happy to be working with Sandra Ranck to bring amazing people into their dream homes. Urban living is here with the Rail… Read More >

Rail Yard Groundbreaking

Earlier this month we began groundbreaking on the Rail Yard Condominiums. We still have several condos available. Call (888) 227-3815 or email info@railyardliving.com for more… Read More >

Drone Photos

Construction is underway at the Rail Yard Condominiums. We sent up a drone to get some great aerial photos of the construction site. We’ll continue… Read More >

The Cannery

Nothing warms our hearts quite like seeing the smiles on the faces of those who have enjoyed our culinary creations. Which is what makes The… Read More >

Titletown Brewery

In 1893 Green Bay became the headquarters of the Lake Shore Division of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway. This action resulted in expansion of the… Read More >